Meet the Founders

Sean Seabrooks 

Chef & Founder 

A NYC based chef with training in French and Italian technique. Focusing on farm fresh organic produce, fresh pastas, and quality ingredients. 

Ossielis Estevez

Event Coordinator & Founder

A multi-passionate hospitality professional specializing in event planning of all sizes, restaurant management, logistics, and quality experiences through food and beverage.


Our Story

A committed team of young and inspired workers, birthed from the intense New York City restaurant industry. We strive for the opportunity to show our expertise in food and beverage by feeding our community. We can all agree that a memorable moment can last a lifetime and here at Wholesome Hospitality our goal is to share as many of those moments with you and your loved ones. You may wonder, why do we do this? It's simple, the joy of connecting with others through food and drink is unmatched in our eyes. Through the years of working in the industry, we have learned the importance of building a family among our peers, because with the right team- anything is possible.